We have a brand new look at the upcoming Child's Play Remake. This movie is being billed as a "re-imagining" of the 1988 horror classic. This time around, Chucky isn't going to be a doll possessed by the spirit of a serial killer. Instead, it's attempting to take a slightly more grounded approach (if there is such a thing when it comes to killer dolls) by making Chucky a technologically advanced toy that goes haywire and starts murdering people. This new featurette offers our best look to date at the new version of the horror icon and what it took to bring him to life.

While it certainly would have been easy to lean on CGI, it turns out the team used animatronics to bring Chucky to life in the remake. We get a look at the actual doll on set, which gives it a very real feel. The creative team painstakingly crafted various versions of the doll to do different things they needed it to do during filming so that the CGI needed in the final cut was minimal. Aubrey Plaza, who plays Andy's mom in the remake, had this to say.

"He is such an iconic character. Something that you don't ever forget. The idea that Chucky is a smart doll, maybe this movie is foreshadowing?"

Brad Dourif has voiced Chucky in every previous entry in the franchise. That's not going to be the case this time around, which may be something of a sticking point for fans. However, they did manage to get Mark Hamill who, aside from his work in Star Wars, is one of the most accomplished voice actors around, to voice this new version. We get just a little taste of what he's bringing to the role in this video.

Star Brian Tyree Henry also expressed his surprise at how realistic the doll looked. Gabriel Bateman plays the new Andy. In the featurette, the young actor reveals he also thought that Chucky was going to be largely a CGI creation. Instead, he was actually acting against a real doll most of the time while filming.

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"I thought most of it was going to be CGI but they had like, an animatronic doll, six of them, that moved and could make facial expressions and everything."

Fans of the original movies can take solace in the fact that franchise creator Don Mancini is working on a TV series for SyFy that will take place in that same continuity. The remake is directed by Lars Klevberg (Polaroid) working from a script by Tyler Burton Smith (Kung Fury 2). Will all of this dedication to practical effects make for a movie that moviegoers actually embrace? We'll know soon enough, as Child's Play is set to arrive in theaters on June 21. Be sure to check out the new featurette from the Orion Pictures YouTube channel below.

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