Now that we have seen a teaser trailer and a series of posters for Orion Pictures and Polaroid director Lars Klevberg's upcoming Child's Play Remake, I think most of us have moved on to wondering about Chucky's voice. We know that Brad Dourif will not be returning to this remake, but we don't know who will take his place either. Until today that is. What I mean is we now have word (a rumor) that Orion is looking to cast an "A-list celebrity" to provide the vocal cords of the new killer doll. The remake has been getting a few test screenings here and there over the past few weeks, and now the details of the test screenings are starting to leak out over on YouTube. Can they be believed? Shrugs. Let's just pass on what's being said and see what comes out in the wash.

YouTuber Jimmy Champane says this in a recent video.

"The one thing that everyone's been wondering about with this new Chucky is specifically what he's gonna sound like. Since he's a robot that's allegedly gonna be hacked, people want to know if he's going to have two voices like the original Chucky. We can all assume that it's not gonna be a Brad Dourif style voice, but there were some cool things we heard from the test screening that make it sound pretty interesting, and one of them is that it's gonna be two voices again. He's gonna have a robot voice, but then he's gonna have an A-list celebrity voice."

Fellow YouTuber 3C Films adds this.

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"I think that's pretty interesting that they felt the need to say that before the test screening ... "What you'll hear isn't the final voice, but they have cast an A-list (celebrity) and that's what you'll hear in the final film."

Again, this is all rumor at this point, but that said, I don't think I'm alone in thinking that it all makes sense never the less. Now all I'm wondering is who this "A-list celebrity" is going to be. If you were to ask me yesterday who I thought should voice the new Chucky, I would have told you the same lady that did the voice of Chucky from Nickelodeon's Rugrats. True story. Would I have been joking? Hard to say. But in all seriousness, one thing to keep in mind is that the voice could very well end up being that of an A-List celebrity kid, like Jacob Trembley or one of the Stranger Things cast members. I'm not saying this is the route the new movie is taking, I'm just saying it's a possibility. And an interesting one at that. Hopefully, we'll find out soon. We'll pass along word once we do.

The remake is directed by Lars Klevberg (Polaroid) from a screenplay written by Tyler Burton Smith (Quantum Break). Stephen King's IT producers David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith are lending their producing talents to this remake which is of course based on the original movie written by Don Mancini. Gabriel Bateman stars as Andy Barclay, a 12-year-old boy who comes into the possession of a murderous doll; Aubrey Plaza plays Karen Barclay, Andy's mother; Brian Tyree Henry joins as Detective Mike Norris, a detective investigating a mysterious string of murders; and Tim Matheson portrays Henry Kaslan, founder and CEO of Kaslan Corp., the company that manufactures the Buddi doll. Orion Pictures brings new Chucky to a theater near you on June 21, 2019. These updates come to us from Jimmy Champane and 3C Films over on YouTube.

Mike Sprague at Movieweb
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