Child's Play trading cards are coming your way this summer. Chucky has managed to become one of the most enduring horror icons ever as the killer puppet has kept trucking along with sequel after sequel ever since his debut three decades ago. Unlike many of his horror counterparts, Chucky has never gone through a messy reboot, which certainly counts for something. Now, to help honor that legacy, the folks at Fright Rags are giving the Child's Play franchise its very own set of trading cards.

Fright Rags started out mostly doing horror shirts, but they've since evolved into a many-headed beast. Recently, they started giving horror franchises their very own retro trading card sets in nostalgia-inducing wax packs. So far, they've tackled Dawn of the Dead, House of 1,000 Corpses and now, Child's Play. Here's what Fright Rags had to say about the upcoming set of trading cards on Instagram.

"Introducing the next series of House of Fright Wax Packs, the one, the only Chucky! A brand new Officially Licensed trading card set, designed by and available exclusively at Featuring all your favorite characters such as Chucky, Andy, Tiffany and Glen! The cards will be available in Single Wax Packs, Factory Boxes & Sealed Boxes."

Each pack of Child's Play trading cards comes in a sealed wax pack and contains nine cards. Instead of the stale, gross piece of gum that might usually accompany an older set of similar trading cards, these packs each come with a sticker. In this case, a Good Guys sticker that shows the idealistic version of the Chucky doll and not the murdery one horror fans have come to know and love over the years. The cards boast memorable quotes from the franchise such as, "How's it hangin', Phil?" and "Barbie, eat your heart out."

These could make for a fun little addition to a collection. Or, if you're a hardcore fan of Chucky, this may help give you a little something to do while we wait for the next installment of the franchise. Don Mancini has ideas for Child's Play 8, which may or may not involve taking our favorite Good Guy doll to space. It was also announced in February that Mancini is working on a Child's Play TV series, but we haven't heard any updates on the status of the project or where it might ultimately land.

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Whatever the next iteration of Chucky on screen ends up being it will provide these guys with a little more fuel for their next batch of trading cards, right? Individual packs of the cards go for $5 with a full sealed box going for $120. Pre-orders for the Child's Play trading cards open up on July 11 and the cards are expected to ship in early August. You can check out some preview art of the upcoming trading cards, courtesy of Fright Rags, for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott