Have you ever thought about playing as the murder-happy doll Chucky in a video game? If so, that could very well be in your future. Even if you haven't thought about that prospect previously, and we're guessing you probably haven't, this is still something that could be happening. Reading into some recent social media activity a bit, it looks like Universal is planning a Child's Play video game.

Universal is currently working on a new Chucky movie, Cult of Chucky, which is slated for release on October 20, 2017. The official Child's Play Twitter account has been a bit more actively lately, since a movie is currently in production, and in a sort of under-the-radar manner, they may have hinted heavily at the arrival of a video game taking place in the world of the long-standing horror franchise. Back in April, the account ran a Twitter poll, asking if fans would be interested in a Child's Play video game.

"Child's Play Video Game on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC?"

This could most definitely have just been a hypothetical question just to keep the Twitter feed going, but it is the amount of information in the question that makes us think maybe there is more to it than that. If this was purely hypothetical, why not just ask something along the lines of, "How about a Child's Play video game?" In this case, they asked specifically if people would be into it on all three current generation major gaming consoles, as well as PC. Why ask it that way if some plans weren't being made? It is also worth noting that 92 percent of the people who participated in the poll voted yes.

Now, as for what a Child's Play video game could actually be about? That is totally up in the air, but let's speculate a bit. There are two ways this could go. One, the game could be made from the human perspective, being more of a tense, but probably cheeky horror game, with the player trying to avoid being killed by Chucky and, ultimately, trying to kill him. The other, and probably more fun option, would be to have the player assume the identity of Chucky and run around finding victims to dispatch in various, creative ways. Either way, the game would likely be a bit silly, but it could work.

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Cult of Chucky is going to be the seventh movie in the Child's Play franchise, with Brad Dourif once again set to voice the iconic killer doll. If Universal could get him to voice the character in a video game as well, it could be a creative way to expand the franchise and freshen it up a bit. For now, there is no official indication that Universal is looking at making such a game happen, but it seems like it could definitely be in the cards. You can check out the Twitter poll for yourself below and speculate away.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott