Wanna play? If you answered yes then get a copy of the original Child's Play and prepare to enjoy an online watch party for the horror classic hosted by franchise creator Don Mancini. The event is taking place this Thursday, with Mancini hosting the event in partnership with Syfy Wire. Taking to Twitter, Mancini made the announcement, saying the following.

"I'm hosting a Watch Party for the OG #ChildsPlay with SyFy Wire this Thursday at 8/7c! Join me using #SYFYWIRErewind if you want to stay on Chucky's good side."
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Child's Play is one of the most enduring horror franchises in history, having survived more than three decades, with seven movies and a reboot under its belt. But it all started somewhere, and that somewhere was in 1988 when Chucky made his debut on the big screen. Syfy Wire also confirmed the event, while offering those who wish to participate options to stream the movie and watch along.

"Let's be friends till the end! Join us for a Twitter Watch Party of 1988's #ChildsPlay with its creator Don Mancini Thursday at 8/7c. Stream the movie on Fandango, Netflix, and Prime Video, and tweet along with #SYFYWIRErewind."

For those who might need a refresher, the original Child's Play centers on a murderer by the name of Charles Lee Ray who is dying after being gunned down by a police officer. He then uses black magic to put his soul inside a Good Guys doll named Chucky. This toy is then purchased by the unsuspecting Karen Barclay who gives it to her young son Andy. Chucky then kills Andy's babysitter and the boy realizes the doll is alive, but nobody believes him. Violence ensues.

The movie was a decent hit at the time, taking in $44 million at the box office. That was enough to give us two sequels in quick succession, 1990's Child's Play 2 and 1991's Child's Play 3. The franchise then took a long break before coming back with 1998's Bride of Chucky, which introduced Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany. Seed of Chucky followed in 2004. Don Mancini directed the two most recent entries in the main franchise, 2013's Curse of Chucky and 2017's Cult of Chucky. Mancini had no involvement in last year's reboot, directed by Lars Klevberg. Save for the reboot, Chucky has been voiced by Brad Dourif in every movie thus far.

Don Mancini is currently working on a TV series that will take place in the same continuity as the original movies, simply titled Chucky. Syfy picked up the show to series earlier this year. Aside from that, Mancini also has plans for further movies in his iteration of the franchise, as the rights got split up in a messy situation, which allows for us to have two competing versions going at the same time. Check out the announcement from Don Mancini's Twitter and those who wish to watch along can do so this Thursday.

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