When Ant-Man hits theaters nationwide tomorrow, there are many who may be introduced to a few of the wonderful supporting cast members for the first time, such as Michael Peña, who delivers a scene-stealing performance as Luis, one of Scott Lang's criminal cohorts who helps him pull off the heist of a lifetime. After a slew of fantastic performances in Shooter, Lions for Lambs, Observe and Report and American Hustle, the actor is poised for a breakout in Ant-Man. But perhaps his biggest role is yet to come, with the actor signing on last year to play Frank "Ponch" Poncharello in the big-screen CHiPs remake, alongside Dax Shepard, who is starring as Ponch's partner Jon Baker, and also writing and directing. I recently got to speak with Michael Peña for Ant-Man, and the actor offered an update on the remake, stating that they are doing everything they can to get the remake right.

"Yeah, I mean, we're doing our own thing. They are cops on motorcycles, and Dax Shepard wrote the script. The humor in it is way different. It's funny because, when you read it, it's funny, but when you say it, it's funnier. Knock on wood, we're rehearsing all the time, and we just want to get that as right as possible, and have it be a very enjoyable ride, with the action and everything. I have high hopes for it, and it's a big opportunity for me.

It isn't known when production will begin quite yet, but Michael Pena and Dax Shepard are starring alongside Vincent D'Onofrio, who signed on in May to portray the main villain. While most shows from the 1980s feel dated by today's standards, I mentioned that CHiPs could be done in any time period and it would still feel relevant. Michael Peña added that the remake is very plot-centric.

"Yeah, what happens with these remakes, it loses all sense of drama, so you forget the plot, and this one is very plot-happy."
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Michael Peña also stars in the highly-anticipated Ridley Scott sci-fi drama The Martian with Matt Damon, and War on Everyone, which he revealed is eyeing a debut at Sundance in January. The actor didn't pull any punches while proclaiming that /martian-movie-trailer-2015-matt-damon/Ridley Scott is a "f---ing genius," and discusses the dark comedy of John Michael McDonagh's War on Everyone. Here's what the actor had to say below.

"Yeah, The Martian, dude. Ridley Scott, the guy's a f---ing genius, man, I swear. He'd have like five cameras going on at the same time, five monitors, he's talking on the walkie. It's almost like he's editing while he's saying it. He's doing the cuts with the cameras, so that's f---ing amazing. War on Everyone, I think... the script was hilarious to me, but it's very dark, dark humor. It's super dark. It's (director) John Michael McDonagh and I think we're going to hit Sundance in January. I can't wait for that one too. I'm super lucky."

You can also check out my Ant-Man review and the full interview with Michael Peña for Ant-Man. After you see it in theaters, you'll see how this multi-talented actor is certainly poised for a big breakout. Are you excited to see what he can do in the CHiPs remake and The Martian?