Rogue One: A Star Wars Story turned out to be a prequel that fractured the Star Wars fan base as many loved the movie while just as many hated the movie. One thing that just about everybody in both camps could agree on was that Chirrut Imwe is a total badass and now a new LEGO parody video goes on to absurdly prove that point. Chirrut is certainly one with the Force and the Force is one with him in the new parody video that is incredibly well done.

As played by Donnie Yen, Chirrut is a human, blind from birth, who lives in Jedha City, a holy place for the Jedi, on the moon of Jedha. He seems like a wise, old preacher at first, spouting the ways of The Force, but when confronted with danger Chirrut quickly reveals himself to be a strong and skilled fighter, even though he can't see anything that he's fighting. He also has the ability to feel presences, and is acutely aware of the essences of people and things around him. Technically, though, he's not an actual Jedi.

The new Star Wars LEGO parody video, entitled Chirrut vs. Everything, comes to us from the creative minds from the How it Should Have Ended YouTube channel and it looks like something that could be commercially available through Lucasfilm and Disney. By now, we should all be familiar with the scene in Rogue One where Chirrut goes from wise, monk-like character into full badass mode at the flip of an imaginary switch and takes out a horde of Stormtroopers and even shoots down a TIE Fighter out of the sky without being able to see the damn thing.

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The video takes that premise and hams it up a bit, having Chirrut single handedly take down the entire Empire in the span of about 4 minutes while Jyn Erso, Baze Malbus, and Cassian Andor sit around and enjoy a meal while watching the festivities. Chirrut takes down Stormtroopers, Imperial Walkers, TIE Fighters, Darth Vader, Imperial Guards, and then he takes down the Death Star, all by himself. Words do not do the incredible video justice and one has to see it to truly believe it.

According to How it Should Have Ended, the video started as a 2-minute short for the South by Southwest Game Awards that took place in April of this year, but they later decided to extend it due to the high amount of praise that the video received. The sound effects and choreography are really well done, but the animation is where the video really shines and as stated earlier, it looks like something that could have been released officially by Lucasfilm themselves. It might be best to take a look at the video as soon as possible before it gets taken down to due to copyright. You can check out Chirrut Imwe single handedly take down The Empire below in the video courtesy of How it Should Have Ended.

Kevin Burwick