Refuting recent rumors, Christopher Nolan, director of The Dark Knight told the AFP that a planned scene in which Batman dived into Hong Kong's harbor was cut due to script changes and not the water's severe pollution.

Producers had reportedly been forced to pull one scene involving Batman, as portrayed by Christian Bale, jumping out of a plane into the city's famed Victoria Harbour, due to the toxicity of the pollution in the water.

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"That was my decision, nothing to do with pollution. It was simply a script decision," Nolan said. "Once you see the finished film, you will understand why. As far as the pollution question goes, I honestly have no problem dumping movie stars in it."

Hong Kong suffers both serious water and air pollution that on many days leaves the famous skyline clouded in haze. Much of it is caused by local power plants and emissions from factories in nearby southern China.

Speaking alongside co-star Morgan Freeman, Bale said he would be shooting on the top of IFC2, which at 90-stories is Hong Kong's tallest building. As he put it, he was excited to climb to the top of the tallest buildings in Hong Kong "and jumping off of them."

This is the second time Bale has been able to perform dangerous stunts while playing Batman - he previously starred in Batman Begins, also directed by Nolan.

The Dark Knight comes to theaters in July, 2008.