Announced at Comic-Con 2019, Dark Horse is giving us the horror for Christmas this year with the release of a premiere collection of the best stories of EC Comics. In a 528-page deluxe hardcover book, Choke Gasp! will arrive just in time to celebrate the legendary publisher's 75th anniversary.

This volume collects stories from EC Comics' most famous titles, featuring classic stories from the hands of legendary creators Al Feldstein, Harvey Kurtzman, Johnny Craig, Jack Davis, Wally Wood, and more! The book collects material from issues of Crime SuspenStories, Frontline Combat, Haunt of Fear, Impact, Shock SuspenStories, Tales from the Crypt, Two-Fisted Tales, Vault of Horror, Weird Fantasy, Weird Science, and Weird Science-Fantasy.

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"William Gaines' EC Comics has been recognized by many as the greatest group of comic titles in history. The EC Archives have been an important corner stone of Dark Horse's publishing line for years. With the 75th anniversary of EC Comics rapidly approaching, we could think of no better way to celebrate their decorated past than with a collection showcasing the best of the best," said Dark Horse founder, Mike Richardson.

Expect to see Choke Gasp! hit your mailbox by December 17, 2019. You can pre-order Choke Gasp! now.

Choke Gasp! EC Comics