The marketing company Dilemma is moving forward with plans to turn the web series Chopper into a feature film. The company is currently seeking co-producers at the American Film Market.

The series is based on Martin Shapiro's comic book, which puts a modern-day spin on the classic Sleepy Hollow story by following a headless motorcycle rider looking for vengeance in the afterlife. Tyler Mane and Andrew Bryniarski will reprise their roles from the web series for this new feature.

Martin Shapiro wrote the screenplay, with Dilemma founder J.C. Christofilis producing. Here's what the producer had to say about the project.

"Ultimately, the never ending viability of the horror genre combined with the exploding interest in shows like Sons of Anarchy made my decision to bring our title character to life a no-brainer -- pardon the pun."

You can CLICK HERE to watch the entire nine-episode web series.