Sub-Mariner: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Columbus has charted a course to direct and produce Sub-Mariner, an adaptation of one of Marvel Comics' oldest superheroes, for Universal Pictures.

The film is being produced by Marvel Studios' Avi Arad, Kevin Misher and his Misher Films banner along with Columbus and his 1492 Prods.

The Sub-Mariner's other identity is that of Prince Namor, a half-man/half-amphibian creature from the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. He is known for his temper and rebellious nature and sometimes finds himself helping the human race and sometimes fighting against it when humans have polluted the waters. The Sub-Mariner first appeared in "Marvel Comics" #1 back in 1939 when Marvel Comics was known as Timely Comics. He made his first modern appearance in the pages of "Fantastic Four" in the early 1960s.