It's true! Captain America: Civil War is going to wind up as the highest grossing movie of 2016, having grossed a very impressive $1.15 billion worldwide. Much of that success was shouldered by star Chris Evans, who has proved to be incredibly loveable by moviegoers as Steve Rogers. So much so that for the second year in a row, Forbes has named him the "best actor for the buck" in Hollywood.

Forbes publishes their "best actors for the buck" list annually and once again, Chris Evans has come out on top, meaning that he offers the best return on investment for a studio. Essentially, Forbes looks at the last three major movies that the actor starred in prior to June of 2016. They then calculate the income those movies made and divide it by what the actor was paid to determine the return on investment. In the case of Chris Evans, he earned just $1 for every $135.80 he brought in for his work in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War.

By comparison, Forbes recently published their list of overpaid actors for 2016 and just like in 2015, Johnny Depp came out on top. Or in this case at the bottom. With movies like Alice Through the Looking Glass flopping at the box office, but Johnny Depp still cashing a big paycheck, the actor managed to only bring in $2.80 for $1 he was paid for starring in the movie. That is an incredibly bad return, especially when compared to a star like Chris Evans. That said, by Forbes' calculation, Chris Evans still would have made around $24 million for his work on those three movies.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been exercising its dominance on the box office for the better part of a decade now and the other actors on Forbes' list is definitely evidence of that. Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt came in at number 2 on the list, having returned $125.40 for every $1 he was paid. Right behind him was Scarlett Johansson, who earned $88.60 for every $1 she was paid. Finally, Vin Diesel came in at number 5 bringing in a still respectable $32 for every $1 he was paid, partially thanks to his work voicing Groot in the MCU. He also got a big chunk of that money from Furious 7, which crushed at the box office last year. Even though The Last Witch Hunter flopped, it wasn't quite enough to keep him off the list.

The only non-Marvel related person to make the list was Mila Kunis, who came in at the number 4 spot. For her work in movies like Jupiter Ascending, she brought in $49.50 for every $1 she was paid. Given the results, it is a safe bet that everyone over at Marvel Studios loves Chris Evans just as much as the fans do. You can check out the complete list of Forbes' Hollywood's Best Actors For The Buck for yourself below.

Chris Evans - $135.80 for each $1 paid.

Chris Pratt - $125.40 for each $1 paid

Scarlett Johansson - $88.60 for each $1 paid.

Mila Kunis - $49.50 for each $1 paid

Vin Diesel - $32 for each $1 paid

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott