Chris Evans is currently trending on social media. Earlier this year, the Captain America actor went viral after he accidentally posted a picture of his anatomy on Instagram. Now, Evans is going viral for his piano-playing skills, which a lot of people apparently did not know about until he posted a video of himself playing a piece by Italian composer Fabrizio Paterlini yesterday. Now, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are hoping that Evans will be posting more videos of himself playing the piano.

One excited fan took to Twitter to share her excitement, writing in call caps, "Oh my god. Chris Evans finally listened to our requests and posted a story of him playing the piano. God Christmas really came early this year." Even Fabrizio Paterlini was excited about the video. "Something in the air tells me that today is the day in which Chris Evans played one of my songs." He added, "Now I clearly understand when someone says "'this made my day.'" Evans did not comment further on the post, but did state that he was learning one Paterlini's "Rue des trois frérès."

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Chris Evans sounds like he is pretty good at playing the piano, but fans also took notice of what he was wearing while playing the piece of music. He is wearing a rather big cable knit sweater and many believe that it's a nod to his character that he played in Rian Johnson's Knives Out. "I am so Chris Evans ambivalent usually but as soon as he gets a chunky knit on it makes me feral," said one fan on social media, who is really into the cable knit sweater look on the Avengers: Endgame actor.

While Chris Evans was embarrassed by the last time that he went viral, he was able to use the platform to remind people that they needed to vote. He had all eyes on him for a weekend and made sure that something positive came out of the situation, though his Knives Out co-star Jamie Lee Curtis is under the impression that he may have orchestrated the image in order to bring more attention to voting in the 2020 Presidential Election. Evans did not respond to Curtis' claim.

Chris Evans gets a lot of attention for posting just about anything on social media. Lately, it has been a lot of dog photos, but the Instagram story of him playing piano in a cable knit sweater seems to be what a lot of people needed in their lives at the moment. Evans is just focusing on learning one of his favorite pieces of music, not knowing that people were going to lose their minds over it. Perhaps he'll post a video of the full piece once he gets the hang of it. As of this writing, the story is still up on Chris Evans' official Instagram account. You can also see the video above and some responses below.