Chris Hemsworth is probably best known for playing Thor in multiple Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, but despite that, the actor revealed on Instagram that his son has no issues in letting him know that another superhero takes precedent over the God of Thunder; Superman.

Hemsworth posted on the photo sharing website, that showed his son wearing a red cape, and Hemsworth himself looking a little peeved at something as he walked alongside him wearing a vest top and shorts. He added a caption which helped to explain everything and also had the internet in stitches, saying, "Holding my little man's hand and asking him the age old question. 'What do you want to be when you grow up.' 'Dad I wanna be Superman'. Lucky I have two other kids."

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The joking statement quickly racked up just under 10 million likes, and just served as another reminder of the not-too-serious rivalry between the MCU and DCEU that has been going on for almost a decade and is clearly played up to by the stars involved in the franchises.

Just to add to the joke, the post was commented on by fellow Marvel stars as well as DC's Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, who replied to the snap with a cry laughing emoji and a heart, proving that the joke quickly struck a chord in both cinematic universes. Other comments included Josh Brolin, MCU's villain Thanos, who provided an ever supportive "Hahahaha" and Hemsworth's brother Luke was quick to point out something else that was clearly more important to him, saying "Bro?! You're been skipping leg days again?!" Nothing like family support, is there?

Hemsworth has been playing Thor since 2011, having appeared in three solo Thor movies and all four Avengers films up to and including his most recent appearance in Endgame. Despite the first and second Thor films receiving only moderate critical praise, fans stuck by the series for the greater good and were rewarded with the far superior Thor: Ragnorok, which quickly became the most successful of the three both in critic's reviews and box office takings. Thor will become the only MCU character to appear in four solo outings when Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in cinemas in 2022, although where the character goes from there is currently unknown.

Despite Hemsworth's post suggesting that his son may prefer the man from Krypton over his dad's Asgardian, we believe the little one probably does have space in his life for more than one hero, like so many of us, and indeed the people who have made appearances in both franchises. Idris Elba, who appeared in all three Thor movies with Hemsworth, is about to make his DC debut as Bloodsport in James Gunn's Suicide Squad sequel, and Gunn himself previously worked on the Marvel side of cinema by way of the Guardians of The Galaxy movies. It is all just another sign that while there may be many comparisons and rivalries between the two camps, when all is said and done they are all just one big connected family.