In the latest issue of SFX Magazine (via Comic Book Movie) is an interview with Chris Hemsworth where he talks about what it was like portraying the Mighty Avenger Thor, which opens in theaters May, 6th. Here's what he had to say:

"It's incredible," nods Chris Hemsworth, who joined director today. "There are so many talented people involved, and it's very exciting to have so much success with things. It feels like we're on a real roll, and hopefully that'll continue." RELATED: Thanos Creator Feared Infinity War Would Suffer the Same Fate as Justice League

"I was playing a god, but what do you draw from to play a god? You try to humanise it, I guess. In my world, who are the gods? We talked about a lot of Shakespeare plays, kings and queens and princes and royalty. That's [director's] business. [Kenneth Branagh] does that world better than anybody. I think it's great mesh to have him come on board with this type of film, because, essentially, the Asgardian family, they are the royalty, the kings and queens of Asgard."

"I had to put on about 20 pounds for the film," says Hemsworth, "and I've lost most of that since I stopped shooting. It was such an effort to keep it on. Then, yeah, we did a lot of stunt training about how [Thor] moved and him as a character, and the more you work out physically how he moves helps with your dialogue scenes and vice versa, so it's an ongoing process."

"Thor's movement is closely linked to Mjolnir, his legendary war hammer. He spins it and throws it and it flies and comes back. Working out how to use that as a weapon practically and its advantages and disadvantages, and then developing the style of how he fights and the body positions that he has in the comic books and trying to use some of them... It was great!"

"I've done five films before shooting Thor. A couple of them had come out. But Red Dawn and then Cabin in The Woods, neither have come out yet. So I was feeling like I'd worked in the business a lot yet hadn't seen anything. Being part of this dream. This huge successful franchise & the incredibly talented people who wrote the story. I couldn't be happier."