The MCU is filled with huge, beefy men and women bursting with muscular development. The one member of the cast who is admired for his physique the most is Chris Hemsworth. The Thor actor is known for taking his physical training very seriously indeed. In a recent interview with Men's Health, Hemsworth opined that the most important rule when it comes to keeping fit is to do the exercises that interest you, and to experiment constantly with your workouts as he sets out on the first leg of shooting Thor: Love and Thunder.

"I speak to plenty of people who are like, 'Oh, I just hate training'. I'm like, 'What do you do?' 'Oh, I just run. But I just don't like running'. I'm like, 'Don't run then!' I don't run. I do a lot of different things. You've got to be an explorer in the world of fitness and exercise and constantly be on the lookout for something fresh."
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At a towering height of 6′ 3″, Chris Hemsworth does not have to work very hard to look intimidating. But the Australian actor went all out after being cast as Thor, turning his lean surfer physique into something worthy of the Norse God of Thunder. In the years since the first Thor movie came out, Hemsworth kept up a steady diet of workout and nutrition, looking better and better with each fresh MCU outing.

All of that is not to say the actor is afraid of going lean again. To make 2015's In the Heart of the Sea, Hemsworth lost 33 pounds in order to portray Owen Chase, a man who spent 90 days stranded at sea after a massive whale destroyed the ship he was on. For many, packing on the muscle once again after such a drastic weight loss would be an arduous task. But Hemsworth admits that exercise is a way of life for him, rather than something he does just for the job.

"My body shuts down when I stop working out. I just don't feel good. I like it for a couple of days, then everything just starts to hurt. I get achy and there's inflammation, my back's stiff. I'm just well aware that in order for me to live healthier and happier, I've got to keep moving."

While playing the lead in the Thor films is reason enough to never leave the gym, Hemsworth now has added motivation to go bigger and beefier than ever before. The actor will soon play the role of WWE superstar Hulk Hogan in a biopic based on the iconic wrestler's life. Hogan was revered for his impressive physique, especially his 24-inch pythons, and Hemsworth has confirmed that he is training harder than ever before to embody the Hulkster.

For now, the actor is busy shooting Thor 4 with Natalie Portman and Christian Bale, where behind-the-scenes photos have confirmed the God of Thunder has now shed the extra poundage from his Avengers: Endgame phase, and is back to looking like a human freight train. Mens Health.