The co-writer of the original Wanted, Chris Morgan, is going to return to pen the sequel. Morgan told MTV that he was hard at work on the script for Wanted 2.

Morgan confirmed that Mark Millar, who wrote the graphic novel behind the first film, will still be involved with the follow-up, although he isn't planning a second graphic novel at this time. "As far as I know, the studio is finishing their deal with Mark [Millar], and then we're all going to get together and collaborate," said Morgan, a longtime comics fan. "And that's something I'm very excited about."

So, how does one do a sequel film where most of the supporting cast from the first movie is dead?

"That is the challenge here," laughed Morgan, "but the point is to continue the journey that Wes started in the first film. Wherever he ended up at the end of the film, now it's time to move him forward." He continued, "There's a natural journey that Wes needs to take."

Although a release date for Wanted 2 has not yet been set, director Timur Bekmambetov will return behind the camera, and it is expected that James McCavoy will be back as Wesley Gibson.