Yesterday, Movieweb and SuperHeroFlix had the opportunity to visit Chris Nolan while he was editing his newest film, The Prestige, starring Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson, and Michael Caine. However, we couldn't not ask him about his other upcoming project, The Dark Knight.

As expected, he didn't give any major info out, but he did clear up a few rumors that have been floating around like actors Ryan Phillippe and Philip Seymour Hoffman as Harvey Dent/Two Face and Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin. He said, "As the penguin, no, not true."

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He also talked about how the success of Batman Begins was able to give him the freedom to change things up for the sequel. "I think, what people responded to most about Batman Begins is how different it was from their expectations, so I think we would be foolish to not recognize that and attempt to do something very different in the sequel. I certainly wouldn't have, you know, any interest in somewhat trying to repeat the experience that the film already made because I think, particularly being an origin story, it's a very unique thing very singular. My interest in the sequel is to move on from there and do something quite different."

And as far as the seeing Christian Bale get into more action, "Certainly we are free to put Batman into action earlier on, but the rhythm of action movies is very complicated because there is a limit actually to how much action is in the film - how you have to have a particular ebb and flow to what actually works and Batman Begins is pretty stuffed to be honest."

We'll definitely be bringing you more from Chris talking about The Prestige - check out the full story right after Labor Day! It opens in theaters October 20th.

Chris will start to work on The Dark Knight as soon as he's done with The Prestige; look for that to hit theaters in 2008.