While promoting Unstoppable overseas, Chris Pine found time to discuss his upcoming takeover of CIA operative Jack Ryan in the next installment of Tom Clancy's on-screen franchise tentatively titled Moscow.

Here is what he had to say about stepping into a pair of on-screen shoes already worn by three other high profile actors:

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Look, at the end of the day, people will obviously prefer one version over the other, whether it be Ben Affleck or Harrison Ford or Alec Baldwin. I feel the same way about Star Trek - the only thing I can do is the best version of myself. I can only bring who I am to bear on the part and people either like that or not. Again, I don't have much control over that, so all I can ask of myself is to do my best, try my hardest and to make sure that we have a really good story to tell, and then it to the hands of fate."

The actor also discussed the physical demands of taking over such an action-packed franchise:

I dunno if any trains are gonna be involved. I dunno what's involved quite yet, I haven't really seen the finished script, but some assorted running, for sure."

Moscow was set to start shooting in February, but that start date has been pushed back so that the script can be further worked upon. It will presumable go before cameras in the spring, with Jack Ryan coming fresh out of the Marines to find himself immersed in a Russian scandal. Wall Street is also rumored to serve as a key plot point in the proceedings.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange