Oh, what might have been. In an alternate plane of existance, there exists a Marvel Cinematic Universe led by Chris Pratt as Captain America. Though this may sound like a rather crazy notion, it turns out the Guardians of the Galaxy actor originally auditioned to don the red, white and blue suit before landing the role of loveable rogue, Star-Lord.

With the recent, high-profile release of the new streaming service Disney+, there has been a wide variety of MCU based features that are giving fans a peek behind the scenes of the goings-on of the decade-spanning comic book universe. One of the more interesting features currently making headlines is one that focuses on Marvel casting director Sarah Finn, who has been dishing the dirt on a whole host of 'what ifs' and casting almosts. The newest to enter the fray is that of Chris Pratt trying out for the role of Marvel's First Avenger, Steve Rogers aka Captain America.

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"James Gunn has been very generous about this in saying that I, to the point of annoying him, kept insisting that Chris Pratt was the guy for the part. But Chris didn't want to play the part and refused to audition."

Thankfully, Finn eventually got her way and managed to persuade Pratt to come in and audition for Steve Rogers, which of course led to him becoming the wise-cracking Peter Quill, a role much more suited to his naturally comedic sensibilities. The casting director described Pratt's original audition as a "eureka moment" upon realising how perfect his was for Star-Lord. But, her struggle did not end there, as she had a hard time convincing director James Gunn to even consider it.

"I finally got him to audition and James Gunn said he didn't want to see him and that really was a challenge."

Of course, fate eventually won the day and Finn finally persuaded Gunn to see Pratt audition for the role that would make him a household name.

"I was really happy when I finally got them together and it was honestly one of those eureka moments that we talk about in casting when it absolutely feels right and you know it's right. 'James turned to me within ten seconds and said, 'He's the guy."

It is very difficult to imagine Pratt holding the star-spangled shield, and even more difficult to imagine the Marvel Cinematic Universe without Chris Evans as the noble and patriotic Captain America. Evans himself had to beat the likes of Ryan Phillippe, John Krasinski and even the MCU's Bullseye himself, Wilson Bethel for the role, and even then he rejected it several times before finally accepting the cinematic responsibility.

Chris Evans' Captain America adventure came to a satisfying conclusion in this years' Avengers: Endgame, and though the actor is skeptical about returning, you never know what might happen now that time travel and multiverses have come into play. Chris Pratt however will definitely be coming back, as he continues to lead his rag-tag group of heroes on another cosmic excapade in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in 2022. This comes courtesy of Disney Plus where you can signup now!