Super Bowl Sunday is just a few days away. And we're already starting to see some of the big commercials that will drop during the game. One of the best so far features Chris Pratt training to be a beer spokesman.

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Apparently, he's already got the job on lock. Michelob ULTRA claim they cast the Guardians of the Galaxy star as their spokesman because he defines what it means to live fit and live fun, making him the perfect guy for their beer.

There will be a couple of different Michelob Ultra beer commercials played throughout the duration of the Super Bowl. This first extended version of the commercial has Pratt training for his big game debut.

We get to watch as Pratt goes on a hilarious journey to become Tommy Ultra, which sounds a lot cooler than Michelob Mickelstein. He does weightlifting, jogging, method acting classes and even ropes in police and friends to help.

The spot ends on a surprise cliffhanger of sorts, and we're sure there will be a lot of fun surprises to be delivered on game day. Chris Pratt may also show up as Star-Lord in an Infinity War Super Bowl trailer, but that hasn't been confirmed yet.

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