Adore: When plans for production on a music video fell through, up and coming director Chris Sims decided that the concept was too good to go to waste. What would have been the narrative portion of the video became a short film that stands on it’s own.

Adore is a figurative commentary on relationships and themes of adoration and obsession, how sometimes obsession is satiated when the obsessed finally attains what they desire. How they can pass on their obsession and become the victim of someone else's fixation. So many times we find that the thrill is only in the hunt, and when we attain what we desire we lose site of what we were even looking for. It becomes an endless cycle, which is what Sims is trying to illustrate with his short narrative “Adore”.

Adding to the frenetic nature of the piece is the original score by Brian McKinley, which fuels the tension already present in the pared down production.

Check it out at this years Coachella Film Festival or at -- CLICK HERE

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