Chris Wedge of WedgeWorks banner has picked up Lives of the Monster Dogs, a postmodern "Frankenstein"-style novel by Kirsten Bakis, and plans to adapt into a feature for Fox.

According to Heat Vision, Adam Kline will write the screenplay with Ice Age director Chris Wedge, who is eyeing the project as his live-action directorial debut.

Lives of the Monster Dogs revolves around a group of soldier dogs genetically engineered by mad Prussian scientists hiding in a Canadian village. The hyper-intelligent dogs, who walk erect and use voice boxes to communicate, revolt against their masters and, dressed in 19th century formal wear, show up in modern New York.

The story is told through the eyes of a NYU student who becomes the chronicler of the dogs' glamorous lives, which, as they revert to their animal states for longer and longer periods, turn tragic.

No production date has been set.