Chris Weitz and his brother Paul are best known for making such comedies as American Pie and About a Boy. According to Empire Online, the brothers are going a different route with their next collaboration. Together, they will make the fantasy epic Elric.

Elric is based on a series of books by Michael Moorcock. The character of Elric of Melnibone, aka The White Wolf, first appeared in 1961. He was the subject of more than a dozen books, but this will be the first time that the character has been brought to the big screen.

Weitz told Empire Online, "Of the great classic fantasy series it's the one that hasn't been done yet. My brother Paul and I liked those books growing up and we've met Michael Moorcock and he trusts us to take those books forward."

There is no set date for principle photography. Chris Weitz is currently directing another fantasy adaptation for New Line entitled The Golden Compass.

That film opens on December 7th, 2007.