Ever since we first saw the trailer for Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (viewable here), we've wanted to know more about this film, and thanks to writer Chris Yost, now we do. In an interview posted over at Marvel.com, Yost describes a bit of what we can expect from the animated feature.

The film is set in the future, when the children of the Avengers learn they must follow in their parents footsteps after Ultron returns to threaten the planet. The kids must quickly learn to band together and live up to the name 'Avengers', a task they weren't much prepared for. "The kids know the story of the Avengers, but they know it as just that...a story," Yost explains. "They know the tales of their parents' heroics, they know the names and the adventures, but for reasons you'll see in the movie, they aren't really thinking about the Avengers as something they'll have to live up to." Yost then adds. "That changes pretty quick"

Yost, who has worked on both the animated Fantastic Four and the comic X-Force debuts his first full-length screenplay with Next Avengers. Yost said that it was an interesting challenged, blending the lighter elements of the film with the dramatic stakes in the film.

Yost clarifies:

This is a fun adventure film, starring a really young cast of kids. But at the same time, the stakes are incredibly high, literally the survival of humanity. The situation is grim. And while all that seems like it could be a big bummer, we keep the kids so busy running for their lives that they don't have a lot of time to think about it.

It's tricky, but I think we've done a good job. If you don't know anything about the Avengers, this movie still works, and works well. It's a fun, fast, action-packed adventure in the vein of The Goonies that introduces a new generation of viewers to a new generation of heroes.

But! If you do know the classic characters, and do know the history, then there is a TON of stuff packed into the movie. Nothing distracting, nothing that will take people out of the moment, but there's going to be plenty of goodness for hardcore Avengers fans.

So, with all this said, is there any chance that we might see the classic Avengers in action during Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow? "It's definitely the kids' movie," Yost teases. "That being said...mmmaybe."