Much has been made about the recentlly released audio footage of Christian Bale's tirade on the set of his new film, Terminator Salvation and Bale has apologized for his behavior. The Associated Press is reporting that Bale appeared this morning on the Los Angeles radio station KROQ's morning show, "Kevin and Bean" and apologized for the outburst.

If you want to hear Bale's apologies for yourself, we have audio of his appearance on the radio show, so click below to hear Bale on the Kevin and Bean KROQ morning show.

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Christian Bale Apologizes

"It's been a miserable week for me," Bale told hosts Kevin Ryder and Gene "Bean" Baxter. "Listen, I know I have a potty mouth; everybody knows this now. The thing that I really want to stress is I have no confusion whatsoever. I was out of order beyond belief. I was way out of order. I acted like a punk. I regret that. There is nobody that has heard that tape that's been hit harder by it than me. I make no excuses for it. It is unexcusable. I hope that that is absolutely clear."

When asked what brought on the erratic behavior, Bale replied, "I put so much into what I do and care so much about it and sometimes the enthusiasm just goes awry. I'm embarrassed by it. I ask everybody to sit down and ask themselves, have they ever had a bad day and have they ever lost their temper and really regretted it immensely."

As for the countless remixes of his audio lash-out that have appeared frequently on the Internet, Bale has no beef with those poking fun at him.

"Feel free to make fun of me at my expense; I deserve it completely."

Bale also expressed that there is no bad blood remaining between himself and the subject of his tirade, director of photography Shane Hurlbut.

"We have resolved this completely...I have no intention of getting anyone fired. There is no problem whatsoever."