Batman Begins:IGN Filmforce got a chance to visit the set of the next Batman film recently where they got some interesting quotes out of actor Christian Bale, who plays the cape crusader in the upcoming film...

On the Batsuit: "I'm not going to bitch about the suit, you know? There's a quote from me that some of the people had on the back of their t-shirt that said, 'It's hot, dark and sweaty and it gives me a headache,' which is absolutely true, but there's nothing more annoying than hearing actors bitch about their work and stuff like that. You know, I'm playing Batman, for gosh sakes. That's pretty fantastic. I'm not going to complain about getting a little bit sweaty..." RELATED: Jean Hale Dies, Batman and In Like Flint Star Was 82

On the Batmobile: "I actually only drove the Batmobile for the first time last week... I would love to say it's me driving the Batmobile in the movie, but it's probably not... The noise is incredible. It's like having Ozzy Osborne kinda screaming in your ear the whole time..."

On the stunt work: "I gotta tell you, I was up for doing a lot more stunts than they would actually let me do... We did a lot of wirework rehearsals before we started filming and, I think, however, they got a bit of cold feet after the stunt man one day came down on the wire and just landed straight on his face. And so at that point they thought, 'Ah, let's rethink just how much we're gonna let Christian do this..."

I asked Bale how he winds down after a long day of playing such a moody, dark hero. Bale was quick with an amusing response: "I go out and kick the s**t out of criminals."