Batman Begins: The latest issue of Empire Magazine has actor Christian Bale talking about his upcoming starring role in the next Batman film...

“I believe that there’s an opportunity with that character to do things that I, personally, have never seen done,” says Bale. “There are choices you can make with such a character. You can go very camp with it, like the TV series, but that’s been done. You can’t outdo Adam West with that kind of deal. So what else do you do? There’s a really interesting character there, and that’s what I’m aiming for.” RELATED: Meet Selina Kyle in The Batman Sneak Peek Before Tomorrow's DC Fandome Trailer

For all the Bale-heads out there dying for their next fix, the actor will be appearing in The Machinist later this year, a part for which he lost 60lbs – that’s a whopping one-third of his body weight, fact fans! Never fear, however, as he put the weight back on to play the Dark Knight.

“It’s very much like going from one extreme to the other. Batman is a guy who has to be able to tear apart a room, scale walls and do phenomenal things.