Having bailed on The Wolverine, director Darren Aronofsky is hoping to make Noah his next film, an updated retelling of the biblical story of Noah's Ark. And he now has his eyes trained on Christian Bale for the six-hundred-year-old title character.

The director is hoping to sign Christian Bale to the $130 apocalyptic thriller about a man filling a boat with two of every species before an earth destroying flood wipes out mankind, to lure in a financer for this epic undertaking.

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Noah is currently set up at the 20th Century Fox-based New Regency, but the movie's massive budget means that another studio needs to jump in and handle some of the production costs. Having Christian Bale committed to Noah will add that extra incentive to get a partner involved.

Paramount, Summit, and 20th Century Fox are all currently interested in co-financing the project with New Regency. There is no set production start date being eyed at this time.