Actors Christian Slater, Stephen Dorff, Wes Bentley and Kate Maberly have been set to star in the new thriller Rites of Passage, according to Variety.

Screenwriter W. Peter Iliff (Point Break, Patriot Games) will make his directorial debut with the project, which will center around a young anthropology student who pines for a traditional ceremony to mark entry into manhood. He leads his partying classmates to his older brother's ranch, where he lives a drug-addled life filled with guilt and ancient Indian rituals. Christian Slater will play the older brother, with Wes Bentley playing his meth-addicted friend. Here's what W. Peter Iliff had to say about Rites of Passage:

"The stressed-out, hard-partying hook-up student culture I see today stirs up a lifestyle reminiscent of the decline and fall of Western civilization. When I decided to make the transition to directing, I wrote a script that was location specific, made a little iMovie, and used it as a vehicle to attract independent investors. And it worked."

Production will start this week with Mark Canton producing alongside Jonathan Sachar, David Hopwood and W.D. Johnson.