Jessica Biel had been rumored to be up for the role of the Amazonian princess in George Miller's Justice League of America, but the deal never materialized. George Miller has been testing out other young stars for the film, including Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Teresa Palmer. But according to, Christina Milian is ready to fight for the part.

What makes her so well suited for the role? Her love of comic books. 'I used to want to work in comics,' Milian revealed. 'I wanted to be an illustrator. I wanted to write books, and mostly, I wanted to write Justice League. I still have the comic books I collected from that.'

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That same love of superheroes is what led her to audition for a role on Smallville. In the episode 'Action', airing October 25, Milian plays an actress in the film adaptation of 'Warrior Angel,' a movie based on a comic book previously mentioned on the show.

'It's kinda funny,' Milian said. 'My character, Rachel Davenport, is almost in the Lois Lane/ Lana Lang position. She's the one figuring everything out, and it's ironic for Clark to be watching everything going on.'

Milian's character also gets a unique opportunity to be a part of Superman's history. Spoiler Alert: When she thanks him for saving her life, she offers a gift in exchange. 'I didn't know until he opened the box that I was actually giving him his cape!' Milian said. 'It's supposed to be a prop from the Warrior Angel movie, but you know he's going to use it.'

Milian is hoping that her Smallville appearance will bring her to Miller's attention, but she wouldn't say whether she's had an audition of her own. 'No comment!' she laughed.

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