Shannen Doherty stars as Cate Dove in this holiday film about a cold-hearted jewel thief who has her heart melted by family and the holiday spirit. When Cate is double-crossed by her partner/mentor during a big heist and is left to take the heat herself, things get a little hot for her in the Big Apple. She escapes from the caper (minus the diamond) however her picture makes its way into the newspaper and on the air as NYC casts a big net to find their thief.

Meanwhile, due to a storm, Cate's sister and brother-in-law are stuck on their vacation in the Caribbean and after trying everyone they know, they finally ask Cate to stay with their two children until the storm clears and they can get a flight out. Cate is not the maternal type but decides hiding out in a rich Connecticut suburb is the best way to deal with her situation until she figures out what to do next.

Back in the house and town in which she grew up, Cate meets up with her old high school boyfriend who is the town's sheriff now. Old feelings start to emerge and even though she is not the typical suburban resident, she begins to see the charm of life in the small town. However she knows things have to change and returns to NYC - with niece and nephew in tow - to hunt for her former partner who betrayed her. Now Cate is stuck between her old life and her new one, and she doesn't really fit that well into either at the moment. Will she finally see the error of her ways? Will she discover she fits well into the suburb and the arms of her old beau? Well, being a holiday film, you pretty well know which way it's going to end, or do you? It's a cute little family story and of course, a sweet holiday film.

Christmas Caper premiers November 25th on ABC Family.