The Christmas Chronicles 3 is not outside the realm of possibility as Chris Columbus is open to doing a third movie. A Netflix Original, The Christmas Chronicles was co-produced by Columbus and directed by Clay Kaytis. Starring Kurt Russell as Santa Claus and introducing Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Claus, the holiday movie was a hit with viewers with the streamer reporting that over 20 million households had watched the movie within its first week of release in 2018. Based on this success, it wasn't long before a sequel went into production.

For The Christmas Chronicles 2, Columbus stepped into the director's chair using a screenplay co-written by Columbus and Matt Lieberman. As with the original, millions of viewers immediately checked out the release when it appeared on Netflix at the end of last month, making the sequel the most-watched title on the streaming service in its debut weekend. This has left some fans hoping that another followup movie will be made with Russell and Hawn back for another holiday adventure as Mr. and Mrs. Claus, and it sounds like Columbus is just as open to the idea.

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Speaking with about The Christmas Chronicles 2, Columbus had this to say.

"There's a poignant moment in the movie where they're watching the kids making snow angels, and Mrs. Claus says, 'It's so nice to have real children in the village again.' But you're like, 'We never explain why she feels that way. There's some sort of hidden, slightly dark, melancholy thing in their past that we don't know about.' And I love the fact that we don't deal with it in this movie. It's in some of the notes that Kurt wrote. We know what it is. Maybe it connects if we're lucky enough to do a third."

While there haven't yet been any official discussions between Columbus and Netflix about the possibility of The Christmas Chronicles 3, the director also says the team behind the franchise would be open to expanding the story, even if they don't exactly know which way to go with the plot just yet.

"I don't know. But it's interesting because right now I can't even think about what the third potential movie could be. But we're certainly set up to open up this world even more."

If another sequel never happens, then The Christmas Chronicles 2 could serve as Russell's final movie. In another recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Columbus said that Russell wanted Santa Claus to be the "last role" he would play before walking off into the sunset. The actor is reportedly so committed to the role that he also wrote nearly 200 pages of backstory for his version of Santa, even though the majority of the information wasn't included in the movies. Turning the series into a trilogy could be a great way to give Russell one more memorable performance.

Time will tell if there's ever a third installment of the Christmas Chronicles series, but for now, you can find both movies currently streaming on Netflix. This news comes to us from