An Austin family's Christmas Vacation-themed holiday display looks a little too realistic. A man passing by stopped his car, thinking that the dangling dummy, meant to look like Clark Griswold, was a real person. It's now officially Christmas time, so some families are dusting off the holiday classics and getting their houses decorated to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas Vacation is one of the most popular holiday movies and has inspired many Christmas decorations in the nearly 30 years since its release.

Stores sell inflatable Clark Griswolds for Christmas decorations, but a family in Austin, Texas really stepped up their game this year. Instead of buying an inflatable Clark from Christmas Vacation, they purchased a dummy and went around to thrift stores to try and match his outfit from the iconic Christmas lights scene. The dummy is wearing a flannel button-up, down vest, baseball hat, jeans and shoes. The display hadn't even been up for a full 24 hours before someone driving by thought that the dummy was a real person in need of assistance.

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Alfred Norwood Jr. was passing by the home when he noticed the Christmas Vacation display, but he apparently has never seen the classic holiday movie. Norwood got out of his car and ran up to the Clark Griswold dummy, yelling at him and trying to get the ladder, which was also a part of the display, out of the tangle of lights to save him. All of the commotion was caught on security camera from the home. After not hearing a response, Norwood called 911 and ran out to the street to flag down another car for help.

According to neighbors, Alfred Norwood Jr. has been the only person to stop and panic. Norwood was convinced that the Clark Griswold dummy was real and admits that he was trying to get him down, "any way possible." He said, "Except when I started talking to him, he never said nothing!" The family has since put up a sign noting that it's all a part of their Christmas Vacation-themed holiday display, asking people to refrain from calling 911. As a thank you, the family bought Norwood a gift card for his troubles.

Christmas Vacation premiered in December of 1989 and the comedy has pretty much been a holiday classic ever since. Clark Griswold is a part of many family's Christmas traditions and his likeness can be found in all types of merchandise, including the aforementioned inflatable dummies used for holiday displays. However, some families might think twice about trying to make their dummies look more realistic to keep from scaring unsuspecting drivers or visitors. Regardless, you can watch Alfred Norwood Jr. as he tries to save the dangling Clark Griswold dummy from his death in a video below, provided by KVUE News.