The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King: In a recent interview with The Guardian, Christopher Lee talked about some of the details of shooting Return Of The King:

Lee is traveling back to New Zealand for pick-ups for Return of the King, the final instalment in Peter Jackson's epic triptych. "I cannot wait for Return of the King. It is the climax and people will get an overall picture of Middle Earth and of Tolkien. I want people to appreciate what has been achieved. Before Lord of the Rings, some people would have just classed Peter Jackson as a horror director. But there is a mind there. Somebody once asked me how I found Peter Jackson and I said: 'Well, I parted his hair and there he was'. Look what he has done. He persuaded New Line to invest in making three films at the same time. When I first read Lord of the Rings I wanted to see a film of it. But at that time the technology wasn't there, there was no such thing as CGI." RELATED: Peter Jackson Was Pushed Hard to Kill a Hobbit in The Lord of the Rings

As it happens, Lee seems as eager to watch the final film as the fans. Either that, or he's playing coy about the details. "I am very excited about Return of the King. [I want] to see how they have done it. I have only seen a few short rushes of the film and I am still not sure how it ends. If I did, I still couldn't tell you. I have, however seen the schedule for Return of the King and it is hectic. The premiere is in Wellington then it is something like Berlin first, London the day after and then Copenhagen the day after that. "