Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale were in Pittsburgh to discuss the upcoming production of The Dark Knight Rises which shoots in the city through August 20th. Here is what Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale had to say:

"When you're making a large-scale action film that has to showcase the vitality and size of a large American city but also involves a certain amount of disruption to that city in order to make the action credible on screen" there needs to be a lot of cooperation from that city, Christopher Nolan said. RELATED: Batman '89 Anniversary Celebrated as Michael Keaton Continues Filming The Flash

"It's a very beautiful city on a very impressive scale and that hasn't lost its human scale," Christopher Nolan said. "That is very impressive and very hard to find."

Christian Bale added, "We'll try to stay out of your hair as much as possible."

One production detail that leaked is that fake snow will fly Downtown to simulate winter in Gotham City, which was mentioned by Christopher Nolan.