Update: Warner Bros. reached out to let us know that the information from Production Weekly is not correct. There is no set start date for production at this time, and there are no plot details available. The movie shouldn't be labeled a romantic thriller just yet, as that is not confirmed. And the North by Northwest meets Inception comparisons are not accurate.

Original Story: We finally have a little information regarding the new Christopher Nolan Movie for 2020, and it sounds absolutely wild. The filmmaker has been prepping his follow-up to 2017's Dunkirk rather quietly. Even though it begins filming soon, virtually no details have been revealed, until now that is. While we still need a title and some official plot details, according to a new report, it's being described as North by Northwest meets Inception.

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Alfred Hitchcock's classic North by Northwest centers on a New York City ad executive by the name of Roger O. Thornhill, played by the iconic Cary Grant, who is being pursued by a ruthless spy after he is mistaken for a government agent and winds up being hunted down on a cross-country trek. During said trek, he meets the beautiful and mysterious Eve Kendall, played by the equally iconic Eva Marie Saint, and they strike up a romance as Thornhill's men close in. Couple that with the mind-bending action and thrills of something like Inception and this could be pretty special. Here's what the report had to say specifically.

"DoP Hoyte van Hoytema is planning to re-team with Christopher Nolan on his upcoming production scheduled to begin filming this June. The Warner Bros. feature is described as a romantic thriller, North by Northwest in tone meets Inception."

This sounds like the kind of thing that only a guy like Christopher Nolan could pull off. Outside of his beloved Batman trilogy, Nolan has asserted himself as one of the most creative blockbuster filmmakers working today. During a recent pre-taped video speech presented at the UK Cinema Association conference, Nolan also revealed that he plans to work with theaters to make sure moviegoers can get the most out of his latest effort.

"[We] will certainly be asking [exhibitors] to really help us, and asking you to be our partners in terms of putting on a show for the audience and giving them a reason to come out for the evening, and engage with the world of cinema which we all love so much."

Christopher Nolan has championed the theatrical experience in an age that is moving progressively toward streaming services like Netflix. Though he may not be trying to make it so Netflix can't qualify for the Oscars like Steven Spielberg, he still sees value in the presentation a theater can offer. He also spoke a bit about his deep love for cinema in general during the speech.

"My memories are not just of the films themselves and the amazing adventures unfolding on screen; they're also of the sense of occasion, of being a young child entering an architectural space that's so much bigger and grander than myself; the thrill of the curtains opening, moving to enlarge the screen for a widescreen presentation. Above all, my enduring memories are of scale, of the size of screen, the idea of seeing people and places that are larger than life, potentially overwhelming but engrossing and involving. It is a tremendously exciting time to be putting films into cinema."

For now, we're going to have to wait until Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan decide to reveal more. But, given his previous track record, and with this crazy description, it's safe to say a great many moviegoers are already on board. The untitled movie is set to hit theaters on July 17, 2020. This news was previously reported by Screen Daily.