The New World: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Christopher Plummer has signed for passage to The New World, director Terrence Malick's take on the Pocahontas tale for New Line Cinema.

Billed as equal parts historical epic and timeless love story, the project is set against the backdrop of 17th century America in the nascent Jamestown, Va., settlement where the culture of European explorers collided with that of Native Americans. It focuses on the relationship between explorer John Smith and young Indian princess Pocahontas. Colin Farrell already has been cast as Smith. Plummer will play Capt. Christopher Newport, an English officer among the initial settlers in the New World who serves as the first president of the Jamestown Colony.

Plummer's credits include The Sound of Music and A Beautiful Mind. He next appears in National Treasure and the Oliver Stone-directed Alexander. He also is the winner of two Tonys and two Emmys.