Several months after Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis revealed in June that he and director Josh Trank are no longer involved with Chronicle 2, 20th Century Fox has brought on new screenwriter Jack Stanley to work on the screenplay.

Max Landis had said in June that the studio wanted to take the sequel in a different direction than he had envisioned, which would have explained the origins of the aliens known as Massive Organic Geoelectric Objects (MOGO), and was a darker take on the material. He also revealed that his story would have centered on "two embittered souls as antiheroes trying to catch the survivor of the first film." No details were given for the studio's new take on the sequel.

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Chronicle helped launch the careers of young stars Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan and Alex Russell, centering on this trio as they make an incredible discovery which gives them super-human powers. The film earned an impressive $126 million worldwide from just a $12 million budget when it hit theaters in 2012.

25-year-old writer Jack Stanley made the 2013 Black List with his spec script Sweetheart, which centers on a female assassin whose plans to find a new line of work are sidetracked by her high school reunion. He also wrote the werewolf thriller Silver which is currently making the rounds through town.