Second Chronicle Trailer

Take a fresh look at Josh Trank's found-footage superhero drama before it arrives in theaters this Friday, February 3rd.

Fourth Chronicle Clip

Dane DeHaan uses his new found powers of telekinesis to extort money from strangers in this Josh Trank directed superhero drama.

Third Chronicle TV Spot

Alex Russell, Dane DeHaan, and Michael B. Jordan star in this thriller as three Seattle teenagers with telepathic capabilities.

Second Chronicle TV Spot

Three high school friends discover amazing super-human abilities in Josh Trank's Zapped remake.

Third Chronicle Clip

Michael B. Jordan, Dane DeHaan, and Alex Russell headline this found-footage thriller about three teens with the powers of telekinesis.

Chronicle TV Spot

Josh Trank directs this found-footage drama about three high school kids who develop super-human powers.