Chuck Russell is writing and will direct Northern Lights, an action film set in the field of aerobatics, specifically death-defying stunt flying.

According to Variety, Russell is working on a rewrite of a script by David Ellison and Duane Adler. The story follows the adventures of three young pilots, each determined to be the best at extreme flying, which encompasses taking their planes to 10 Gs and 300 mph, upside down, 10 feet off the ground.

While macho flying has been part of films from The Aviator to The Right Stuff and Top Gun, Russell said extreme flying offers a visual spectacle he hasn't seen onscreen. "We'll be incorporating real-time, world class aerobatic performances with new visual effects technologies that will put the audience right in the pilot's seat," Russell said.

Production is set to begin shooting in Shreveport, Louisiana by fall.