Child's Play introduced us to the loving caring Good Guy Doll Chucky. Now he is back in a new TV show premiering on both the SyFY and USA channels October 12th. If you can't wait until October to catch a look at the new series, you are in luck because a brand new teaser trailer is here along with a great new poster for the show. 

The Chucky series has officially wrapped production and the marketing has already begun to ramp up all over social for the series. In the first very short teaser we hear Chucky speak. The very familiar voice of actor Brad Dourif is back in the series and ready to take on the roll of the killer doll once again. With only two months until the series debuts, we should be getting a full trailer sometime in September.

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The premiere episode of "Chucky" was directed by Don Mancini. Brad Dourif is back as Chucky and Jennifer Tilly is back as Tiffany. The show will continue the storylines from the original movies and the sequels, both Curse and Cult of Chucky. We also have returning Fiona Dourif as Nica Pierce, Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay, and Christine Elise as Kyle. Devon Sawa (Final Destination, Hunter Hunter) is also staring in the the new series.

Chucky has a gone through a lot of changes int he movies and the most recent remake which came out in 2019. This show is being said to give a fresh take on the franchise. The show is going to take a deer look into Chucky's character as well as others. The description or premise of the series goes as follows .

It sounds like the show is going to have the typical killings, wise cracking jokes and laughter from the evil doll himself but we are finally going to get a look into the killers human life and dark past. Questions about how he was able to transfer his soul into the doll and more. 

You can view the trailer below as well as the new poster. Let us know your thoughts on the new horror series coming out just in time for Halloween. Bringing back the original actors is a key way to take the franchise in a new direction while still holding on the history of the films. I mean who doesn't want to see the real life killer as a kid before he turns into a maniac doll that's just one of the Good Guys.

Chucky Poster