It looks like Tiffany will be reuniting with her plastic husband on the small screen as the actress has seemingly confirmed her involvement in Syfy's Chucky television series. Developed by Channel Zero creator Nick Antosca and Chucky creator Don Mancini, who wrote every Child's Play and Chucky movie besides the 2019 reboot, the series will be set in the franchise's original universe with Chucky terrorizing the children of a new neighborhood. It's probable we'll be seeing many fan favorite characters from the movies returning for the series, and it would now appear we can count on once again seeing the "Bride of Chucky."

Speaking with Page Six at at the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection this week, Jennifer Tilly was directly asked about her potential involvement in Syfy's Chucky series, and she had this to say:

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"I'm so excited. Chucky is very near and dear to my heart. All over the world, everywhere I go, I step off a plane to a country I didn't even know existed, and they know one word, and that word is 'Chucky,' and they want a hug... Don Mancini, who created the [original] Chucky 30 years ago is the writer on this series, so it's the original Chucky. [Mancini's] partner is Nick Antosca, who did Channel Zero, which is just a chilling anthology of horror stories, so a little bird told me that I am going to be a part of it."

Tilly first joined the Child's Play series with its fourth installment, Bride of Chucky, which introduced her as Chucky's wife Tiffany. Although she is transformed into a killer doll in a manner similar to her husband, the franchise later sees Tiffany turned back into her human self, though she still helps her doll husband with his murderous plans. Appearing in every subsequent sequel, Tiffany was last seen in 2017's Cult of Chucky, and as such an important part of the franchise, it would feel like something was missing if she wasn't also in the upcoming TV series.

Chucky will have no connections with Orion's Child's Play reboot, which replaced Brad Dourif with Mark Hamill as the voice of the killer doll. In fact, many of the original Child's Play stars have publicly disavowed the reboot. This includes Tilly herself, who tweeted that she and Tiffany were "gonna sit this one out" prior to the movie's release. Child's Play 2 star Christine Elise also caused quite a stir when she told Horror Geek Life in 2018 that making the movie was an "unbelievably huge dick move." Many die-hard fans of the original movie series also expressed similar displeasure with the reboot's production at the time.

Even with an alternate version of Child's Play hitting theaters last year, the original timeline will continue. It's not entirely clear when Chucky will premiere on Syfy, though the project will reportedly start shooting this summer. It's awesome to see Tilly appears to be on board, and let's hope she'll be just one of many familiar faces we'll be seeing in the upcoming Chucky series. This news comes to us from Page Six.