Actor Cillian Murphy (Inception) is in final talks to star in the upcoming Andrew Niccol film I'm.mortal, according to Heat Vision Blog.

We reported a few weeks ago that Justin Timberlake was offered a role in the film and the site is now reporting that Timberlake is in negotiations for the role. He would play a man who goes on the run and takes an heiress (Amanda Seyfried) hostage. The film is set in a society where time is the new currency and the rich are essentially immortal and the rest of society has to struggle to survive. Timberlake goes on the run after coming into a fortune of "time" and becomes the target for a murder investigation.

Murphy will be playing a member of a law enforcement organization known as the Timekeepers, whose character was described as, ""precise as the time he keeps." Andrew Niccol will direct the film from his own script and the site also reports that the film is eyeing a production start date in October.