Three more popular titles from Universal Studios will be coming to a Blu-ray player near you this May. Cinderella Man, Field of Dreams and Children of Men will all be released in Blu-ray on May 26. We have no cover art or pricing details as of yet, but we'll surely update this story as soon as more information comes in. You can take a look at the special features for each disc below.

Cinderella Man

Crowe stars in the story inspired by the life of legendary athlete Jim Braddock, a once-promising light heavyweight boxer forced into retirement after a string of losses in the ring. As the nation enters the darkest years of the Great Depression, Braddock accepts a string of dead-end jobs to support his wife, Mae (Renee Zellweger), and their children, while never totally abandoning his dream of boxing again.

Thanks to a last minute cancellation, Braddock finds himself back in the ring against the second-ranked world contender--and to everyone's amazement, Braddock wins in the third round. Despite being pounds lighter than his opponents and repeated injuries to his hands, Braddock continues to fight against challengers and win. Carrying on his shoulders the hopes and dreams of the disenfranchised masses, Braddock, dubbed the "Cinderella Man," faces his toughest challenger in Max Baer (Craig Bierko), the heavyweight champion of the world, renowned for having killed two men in the ring.

Special Features:

- Feature Commentary with Director Ron Howard

- Feature Commentary with Writer Akiva Goldsman

- Feature Commentary with Writer Cliff Hollingsworth

- Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary

- The Fight Card: Casting Cinderella Man

- For the Record: A History in Boxing

- Ringside Seats

- Jim Braddock: The Friends & Family Behind The Legend

- Pre-Fight Preparations

- Lights, Camera, Action: The Fight From Every Angle

- Braddock Vs. Baer Fight Footage

- Photo Montage

- The Sound Of The Bell

- Cinderella Man Music Featurette

- The Human Face of the Depression

- Russell Crowe's Personal Journey: Becoming Jim Braddock

Field of Dreams

Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella hears a voice in his corn field tell him, "If you build it, he will come." He interprets this message as an instruction to build a baseball field on his farm, upon which appear the ghosts of Shoeless Joe Jackson and the other seven Chicago White Sox players banned from the game for throwing the 1919 World Series. When the voices continue, Ray seeks out a reclusive author to help him understand the meaning of the messages and the purpose for his field.

Special Features:

- Feature Commentary with Director Phil Alden Robinson and Director of Photography John Lindley

- Deleted Scenes with Introductions by Phil Alden Robinson

- From Father to Son: Passing Along the Pastime

- Roundtable with Kevin Costner, Bret Saberhagen, George Brett and Johnny - Bench

- The Diamond in the Husks

- Galena, IL Pinch Hits for Chisholm, MN

- Field of Dreams: A Scrapbook

- Bravo Special: From Page to Screen

- Theatrical Trailer

Children of Men

Children of Men envisages a world one generation from now that has fallen into anarchy on the heels of an infertility defect in the population. The world's youngest citizen has just died at 18, and humankind is facing the likelihood of its own extinction.

Set against a backdrop of London torn apart by violence and warring nationalistic sects, Children of Men follows disillusioned bureaucrat Theo (Clive Owen) as he becomes an unlikely champion of Earth's survival. When the planet's last remaining hope is threatened, this reluctant activist is forced to face his own demons and protect her from certain peril.

Special Features:

- U Control

- Deleted Scenes

- Visual Effects: Creating the Baby

- Futuristic Design

- Theo & Julian

- Under Attack

- The Possibility of Hope

- Children of Men Comments by Slavoj Zizek