According to The Digital Bits, Circuit City has taken the lead in promoting the release of the upcoming Blu-ray Disc players.

The company claims that Samsung’s BD-P1000 “will be the first Blu-ray player” on the market via it’s email newsletter. The player will be available to own “in early spring” and the price will be $999.

Also, Video Business is reporting that due to the fact that there won’t be a large number of high-definition machines hitting the market, Warner Home Video and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will only be releasing HD DVD and Blu-ray DVDs in those stores that are also selling the players.

Sony hopes this “strategy” will “create a strong presence for Blu-ray” when it comes out this summer. While Warner Bros. is waiting on “HD DVD player shipment numbers” before deciding exactly what they are going to do.

The initial HD DVDs are set to start appearing in stores on March 28th, 2006.

Both Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment will also have HD DVDs in stores in March. However, neither company has said it “will limit which retailers carry the discs.”