City of Men: According to Variety, Helmer Fernando Meirelles' O2 Filmes is developing a sequel to multiple Oscar nominee City of God.

Lensing for the sequel, titled City of Men, is slated to begin in 2006. Paulo Morelli, Meirelles' partner in O2 Filmes, would likely direct the gangland epic set in Rio's hillside slums.

Miramax will not be involved this time around. At this stage, no distrib is involved with the project.

Douglas Silva and Darlan Cunha, two of the young actors in City of God, are expected to star in the sequel.

"City of Men" is also the title of a TV miniseries spinoff that has aired on Globo TV since 2002.

Silva and Cunha, now in their teens, topline the skein.

Meirelles has already directed a few episodes, and the duo will co-direct one of the new episodes as it begins its third season on Globo in the fall.