You can bring home this new tale from the underworld of Brazil home this July. City of Men is coming to DVD on July 1. The disc will be priced at $29.99 SRP. The film, a sequel to the critically-acclaimed City Of God, stars City Of God's Douglas Silva and Darlen Cunha, as well as Rodrigo dos Santos, Camila Monteiro, Naima Silva, Luciano Vidigal, and Pedro Hennique.

City of Men DVD

Growing up without fathers on streets teeming with violence and gangs, Ace (Silva) and Uolace (Cunha) have become as close as brothers. With his eighteenth birthday fast approaching, Uolace is determined to finally find the father he never met. Ace is struggling with his own paternal responsibilities when he becomes sole caretaker of his young son. The search they undertake puts them in the crosshairs of a dangerous drug runner, and the same streets that brought them together now threaten to tear them apart. Forced to take opposite sides in a gang war, they must also face a shocking secret from their shared past.

Special Features

- City of Men: Unveiling the Reality