Claire Danes, Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sienna Miller and Charlie Cox have signed on to star in Paramount Pictures' Stardust, the Matthew Vaughn-directed adaptation of Neil Gaiman's fantasy novel. With a screenplay penned by Vaughn and writing partner Jane Goldman, Stardust centers on Tristian (Cox), who, in order to win the heart of his beloved (Miller), promises to fetch a falling star named Yvaine (Danes). This sets in motion an adventure in which Tristian and Yvaine must face off against a pirate named Captain Shakespeare (De Niro) and an evil witch (Pfeiffer).

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Vaughn and Gaiman are longtime friends, and Vaughn had been slowly developing Stardust as something he would do in the far-off future. When he exited X-Men 3 in June, he decided to tackle Stardust. Vaughn quietly put together the cast, with particular focus on the role of Yvaine, for which many actresses screen-tested.