Claire Forlani, Kathleen Rose Perkins and Stephen Mangan have boarded Showtime/BBC's comedy series Episodes, starring Matt LeBlanc (Friends).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project has a seven-episode order, and revolves around a successful British husband-and-wife comedy team (Forlani, Mangan) thrilled by the prospect of producing an U.S. version of their hit series. But they soon are forced to replace the erudite British lead in the original with the quintessential U.S. comedy star, Matt LeBlanc, who is playing a version of himself. They begin to sink deeper into the quicksand that is the Hollywood TV business, ruled by a legion of network and studio executives, including the smart head of programming (Perkins).

Episodes, from Friends co-creator David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik, is slated to start production in early May for a premiere on Showtime and BBC 2. The series is enjoying strong early buzz after a well-received promo featuring LeBlanc auditioning to play himself on the show.

Episodes reunites Perkins and British actor Mangan.